Differences between sales and payment, receipts, receiving, bank charges

When we access the "Billing and collection" tab of a customer, we will observe different concepts that we will explain briefly and simply below:

Sales and Payment
Invoices in general (tickets, invoices, credit notes) are the official documents of the provision of a service (or its cancelation); it is the only fiscally legal accounting document on which companies actually justify their income and pay their taxes.
It details the recipient of the service or product, the concepts and details of the taxes.


Abstraction of cash management, maintains the outstanding balance, form of payment, allows for split payments, partial payment, etc...
It has the amount, expected method of payment, due date, amount outstanding.


Individual payment transactions: cash payments, transfer, etc...

They indicate the date, method of payment and amount for each individual ticket.

Bank Charges

Register used to send remittances to banks.

Stores the list of charges and amounts that were grouped together in the remittance and the bank account to which the transfer was made.