We have available a new feature for online payment, the Tokenization of online payments.

It's a process that authorize us to record the customer's card details as a code (Token). This allows us to link the payment through the online gateway with the corresponding card, without the customer having to re-enter the data.

Keep in mind that we do NOT record or save the customer's data. The information will be stored in Stripe.

This new service is available with the Stripe platform.

We recommend consulting details with your Stripe entity.

Consider also the need to have a SSL certificate for your webpage.

This new payment system has these clear advantages, features, and options:

1) The practicality of payment by the customer, being able to use the recorded card data without the need to re-insert said details. 

2) The security of the data, as the club won't be able to see all the card's digits since this information isn't saved in the database at any time but the token that links to STRIPE.  Only the customer himself can record the card's data. The client will do this by receiving a link on their profile or, at the moment of payment by card, having the option to save this information (more information on this link).

3) The ease of being able to send reminders to cardholders with an upcoming expiration date (more information on this link

4) The possibility to remit by card the payments that we will invoice with Card payment method (and whose customers have a recorded card, more information on this link).

5) The option of charging to the recorded card the amounts of unpaid bookings that the customer hasn't paid within the time limit that we indicate (more information on this link).