There are three main steps to be taken in order to be able to charge customers via credit cards:

(1) Add the customer's card to his file (see how to do it by clicking here).

(2) Invoice the receipts to remit.

(3) Generate and collect the remittance. 

Invoice the receipts to remit

This step is exactly the same as the invoicing when we generate remittances by bank. We will have to go to Economic > Sales and Invoicing > Invoicing periodic charges, complete the filters and invoice. 

The only difference to take into account, and very important, is that the payment method of the tickets must be CARD, not bank, and the customer must have registered his card in his profile. 


Generate and collect the remittance

The next step is to go to Economic > Banks > Remittances, and generate the remittance. To do this, click on NEW. Here again, you will find a series of fields to fill in.

To establish when to process the collection, we can choose how the charges are collected: here there are three options. 

Either we establish that the collection is made on the day the bill is due, or that it is on a specific date, or that it is when we manually mark it as collected with the icon of the green banknotes. Only if we select the option of a specific date, we have to fill in the previous field, on the collection date. 


Once this is defined, we complete the selections below, according to the need. Click on Get receipts and confirm that everything is correct. We can delete the receipts that we do not want to collect, by clicking on the red arrows. With this, the payment will be generated automatically on the date we have determined. If we want to charge it immediately, we click on the green ticket and in that minute the charge is generated on the card, and it is marked as charged in the system. 

You can see a pill on the subject here: