With the Tokenisation feature and the contracting of this new feature, we'll also be able to charge onto the client's card for the pending payment reservations according to the time limit that we point out.

Keep in mind that in the case of a reservation, the reservation holder is the person who will be charged for the remaining amount to be paid (whether it is their part of the fee or that of the other attendees).

In the section of Finance in System-> System Configuration section, under the Cards tab, you can see these options:

Aside from having the first options active (Collect cards and Display page on the intranet, essential for the customer to be able to save his card in the first instance), we see:

Activate charge of unpaid reservations;

Time limit for automatic charge, to be filled in, indicating the number of minutes that will elapse from the end of the reservation for the automatic charge to be executed if it remains unpaid;

Origin, a non-modifiable field. Only bookings opened by the client from the Web/App will be charged in this way, not from Management, to avoid errors or misuse of the functionality.

This functionality applies to Bookings, Games and Activities.

In the Booking Policy (System> Web Tables>Bookings Policy) and in the Activities section of System> Centre Configuration we have a new option that allows the client to leave the reservation or game, pending of payment (Pay at the center) only if they have a saved payment method (stored card).

To keep track of unpaid bookings, in Planning> Reservations there is a new section on Unpaid Bookings Control.

Here you can see a list of unpaid bookings, if they have been made online, if they have confirmed attendance, if the customer has a balance, if they are going to be charged with the automatic card collection option and the pending payment.

With this icon 

a reminder of the debt can be sent to the customer by e-mail.

You can watch this video showing the process: