For data protection reasons, we, from the management program, will never be able to add a card to a customer's file.

It is a process that allows us to record the card details as a token that will allow us to link the payment through the online gateway with the corresponding card, without the customer having to re-enter the details.

It is important to know that we do NOT record or save the customer's details, the information will be in Stripe.

What we can do is go to their card, to Additional Information > Cards, and email them or a WhatsApp with a link so that they can record the data themselves. The customer can also access this same link from their intranet, in the Cards section.

Send the link from the customer file:

Access the link from the Intranet:

Access card registration in the Customer Profile in the APP:

Once the customer saves his card details, we can see that the record exists in his file, but we will never have access to the data. There is an Observations field, where we can register a name or whatever we need to identify the cards, in case the customer has more than one. 

In addition, the customer will be able to record his card on his own initiative from his Personal Area in the Cards section or when making an online payment through the platform.

You can check the process watching this video: