In order to differentiate the price of the reservations depending on the type of customer we click on :

Costumers → General Rates → Bookings



Locate the appropriate rate and click on the "Edit" button. 

If we do not know which rate to choose, remember that we can find this info in each court's file.



Once in the rate's folder, we will go to "Prices". As you can see from the screenshot, within the same rate you can have different prices coexisting. These prices are applied depending on different parameters: duration, modality or in this case, the type of customer.

Among all the valid prices for a booking, Matchpoint will choose the one that is more economical for the customer, unless there is another priced marked as 'priority'.


To create a new price we click on 'New'. We recommend to name the price according to it's application criterias, for example members, students, etc. We can set up a validity for the price, to be used in case of promotions or open days. We will then enter the amount we want to charge and set up the VAT rate to be applied.

Once the price has been created, we will go to the "Conditions" tab and click on "New"  to create a new condition.

On the following page we can select different conditions: all the customers who fullfill the specified condition, will have access to the price. The first drop down menu of the page also allows us to specify to whom the price is not applicable.

→ Age: we will fill this option if we want to apply the price to a specific age range, for example between 20 and 30 years.

→ Years of birth: same as the previous one, but according to the year of birth, for example between 1980 and 2000.

→ Costumer: In case we want the price to be applicable only for a single customer, we will introduce the client's name here.

→ Type of client: If we want to apply this price to a specific type of Clients, such as Federated, Veterans, Students...

→ Group: If we want to apply this price to a specific Group of Clients, such as Employees, Retirees, Sponsors...

→ Membership: If we want to apply this price to all the customers that are paying a membership fee. We can also specify a single membership fee, for example apply the price to those who have the morning membership .

→ Courses/Campus: If we want the price to be applicable to people attending any Course or Campus. We can also identify a specific Course or Campus.