To define different sport levels you can go to:

System -> Courts -> Sports.

To add a new sport press on "New", to edit created sports press on and if you want to delete .

You will see the next screen, where you will fill the sport name, an image, the explanation of the levels, etc.

If you want to edit any sport level, you cant press on the edit button of any sport that appears in the list.

You will see the next screen:

Choose Defining Levels from the menu and modify the sport levels.

*How to define the levels?

Here you can choose three options:

-Number with 2 decimals: Here you can select maximum and minimum levels, checking if you want to set the  initial level of customers. The number will have 2 decimals.

-Number without decimals: Same utility as the previous section, without decimals.

-Category: Here you can choose types of levels with their cardinality and score.

You can create more levels in Category choice, pressing on "New"

Here you will fill in the level you want, as well as its cardinality and score.