To create direct discounts in the school we must access:

Planning -> Sport school -> Courses/Schools.

Here we will see the list of schools or courses we have created. 

Click on the icon in the school in which we want to define different prices according to the type of customer.

Once we have entered we will go to the "Prices and discounts" section of the menu on the left.

From here we can modify existing prices ,create new prices with "new" or remove some of them.

We will click on the "Edit" button in one of the prices we want to make special, for example for a particular customer, or for a group of customers or for subscribers....

Once inside the Price Tab , we will go to the "Price Application Conditions" option, click on the "New" button to create a new condition and from the window that will open to us, we can select the above mentioned, for a particular group...

Once we have it created, we will press paper and pen to edit, and that is when we will add the condition for applying that price: