If you want to book a court you have two options, Normal or Express Booking.


You will see a window where you can search the customer by name and when you select him you just press on it, then the booking will be automatically created. As the other option, you can access the booking on the booking grid clicking once on it and you can modify all the info, add more players etc.


From your Booking Grid select the time zones that you want and you will have several options to select. Press on Booking to make a basic booking.

You will see a screen where you can search by Customer name or code the first person to include on the booking.

When you select the customer that you want, you will see all his/her information and the option "add to list".  When you press that button, the customer will be automatically added to the players list.

Repeat the process for all the customers you want to add to the booking, or if you're not sure who is participating yet, just leave this customer and continue adding the rest in the future. The total amount of the court will be spread between all the customers on the booking as you add them.

When you're finish just click on Save, and the booking is done. If you want to modify information, add charges, see the movements etc you can access the booking from the grid clicking once on it.