We go to the general menu.

Planning → Reservations → Booking Manager.

In the we can filter through the icon green arrow by several options like reservation number, per customer, per resource or per locator.

In the can be seen if they are collected, canceled and edited.

What to do, if at any moment, a client claims a reservation that indicates that he has made and when going to the center is not recorded.

-What can we do?

The first thing we have to do is request the mail with the locator, with this we verify if you have actually made the reservation effectively or not.

If you have one, we will search for that number in the reservation manager. As shown in the picture above. That's where ALL has to appear. If it has been canceled and when, or if it has been moved or if the client booked it the other day by mistake. Or it really was a pre-booking and not completed.
Why when a customer starts the online booking process but for whatever reason, closes the browser, or leaves it open for a certain time, or gives a computer error .. a pre-reservation is created, but not confirmed The process is automatically canceled after a certain time (minutes). This is why the client may think that he has done it but he has not actually completed the process. That is why it is important to review this manager.

If you do not have a locator, let's go to your listing. We look at the reservations in agenda and communications and we mark to see even the canceled ones. If nothing appears, he has not done it. It may be duplicate and it may be another user or a colleague.

** Remember that customers can cancel reservations from their personal area.

It can also be the case, let the client tell us that he has made a reservation, and check in his agenda that appears another day.
To verify this, in the movement of the reservation can see if someone has moved, if it has not moved, is that the customer was wrong.